At Prime Brokerage, we offer a full suite of business brokerage & real estate brokerage services throughout Texas. Our services include:

Project/Asset Management

Whether you are buying or selling a business or a prime piece of property, Prime Brokerage can be the ally you need to complete the process in minimum time with least complications. We offer complete project/asset management services that enable us to give you valuable advice, effective guidance, and assistance every step of the way until your goals are achieved.

Commercial & Residential Property Management

No client is too big or too small for us. We handle residential property transactions with the same diligence and enthusiasm as we invest in million dollar commercial property deals. Whoever the client is, our goal remains the same – to provide the assistance that our client needs at every step of the way until the project is completed beyond his/her satisfaction.

Tenant Representation

Whether it is studying demographics, assessing the viability of a property/locality, or determining a fair price for a desirable tenancy option, our clients leave it all to us. We carry out extensive groundwork to find the rental accommodation that fits in with your lifestyle choices, your day-to-day practical needs, your budget, and of course, your preferences.

Landlord Representation/Project Leasing

A comprehensive assessment of your property allows us to identify its most attractive features. Backed by our extensive research of the marketplace and current trends, we help position your property in the most effective way to garner maximum attention. Our team also carries out a thorough evaluation of your competitors to know how we can promote your property in a better way. Bridging the gap between landlords and desirable customers – that is what our landlord representation and project leasing team excels at.

General Brokerage & Investment Sales

As long as housing continues to be a basic essential for life, property will remain a good investment. We keep our finger on the pulse of the property market so that we can give our clients comprehensive help to invest in real estate with the maximum profit potential. Our general brokerage services cover a gamut of activities including advice, coaching, assessment, evaluation, and much more.

Business Brokerage

Selling and buying businesses involve some very different dynamics in today’s marketplace. At Prime Brokerage, we have the expertise to carry out business brokerage for you that yields impressive results. Whether you need a thorough business analysis, advice on pricing, assistance with negotiation, or a business appraisal, come to us for accurate research and extensive assistance with every aspect of the transaction.

With experienced business owners and investors on-board, Prime Brokerage has the capability to understand your requirement, evaluate action points, and bring every project to a successful conclusion in the minimum possible time.